The Tale of my Absenteeism

Hi lovelies, long time no post…..
am sorry for the unannounced absence. It was so not planned. As in the past few weeks has being so hectic for me eh. I missed blogging but am so exhausted i just get home, Nd i sleep off.
Its been one activity plus another, and most especially, i have been busy planning “Stand Out”.


Stand out is an annual conference for teenagers that focuses on building teenagers with admirable rectitude by proferring honest and workable answers to their teeming questions
This years’ edition is tagged “Raising Teen Leaders”. Its my heartfelt desire that the teenagers who attend this year, will go back to their homes, schools and community and be worthy role models. Am super excited because there will be a panel session tagged “inspire me”. Where the teenagers will be able to listen to the life and success stories of other people.

You can support this conference too.

But for real to plan conference no be beans oh. It takes a lot of Grace and doggedness.

By the way, i really appreciate all myΒ  blog readers, who reached out to me. Thank you for missing me. Thank you for pushing me. Let me tell you, i just arrived home, am even clueless about dinner, save for some slice of cake i have and i typed this on my phone. So pardon any typos.
I have plenty pending blog posts and gist oh. I will see how to post them but definately after “Stand Out” I will have time. By the way, i think i need a PA. #winks

Anyways, continue to live fabulously inspired. I love you. and please invest in a teen, join us. support us financial. Account Details 2003941575. Zenith Bank
oyaa let me go nd sleep, you cant imagine how hectic my day was.
thanks for reading. please read thru previous blog post and if you are a first timer on the blog, pardon my manners…..

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