Stand Out 4.0. “Raising Teen Leaders”

Hi lovelies,

For days, I have being battling with how to report “Stand Out 4.0 “Raising Teen Leaders”. I really don’t know how to start but this one thing I know, am still in awe of the faithfulness of God. I want to thank every individual and brand that supported this vision. God bless you greatly. To all my speakers and Panelist, thank you for sharing of yourself willingly and fully with the teenagers. To the teens, thank you for not only attending but also promising to make good use of all you have being taught.

So let me just feed you with pictures and here is a link to some of the video excerpt of the conference hereΒ

In case you are still wondering what “Stand Out” means.Stand out is an annual conference for teenagers that focuses on building teenagers with admirable rectitude by proferring honest and workable answers to their teeming questions and also encouraging them to dare to stand out and be the difference for good in their community.

flier stand out 4.0

Stand out 4.0
The Arrival
Convener Stand Out
My humble self, during the opening address and introduction. Plus, my dress, you like? It was made by Gabriella Fashion House while make up was by Aura.Touches. Do check them out on Instagram
Perpetua Ohacho
The MC doing her thing. Her dress was also made by Gabriella Fashion House and her make up was by Aura.Touches. Do check them out on Instagram
Mr Niyi Atiba during his talk on “The Power of Right Believing”

Cross section of participants at Stand Out 4.0

Participants at stand out 4.0
Guests and Participants at the conference



The students paying rapt attention. It was an overflow of participants.
One word for the panel session, ohkay, lets do two is Explosive and Inspiring. Thank you @Atinuke Junaid, @Itunnu Olowolaju, @Uncle Sanmi and @Hon Muideen for sharing your pains, challenges and victories. Thank You for keeping it REAL


Kesc Company Studio, awwwnnn these guys are too good. the drama presentation was funny and enlightening.
Mrs Tinu Smith led us in taking the Stand Out Confession. You become what you confess the most.

The Teens as they take the stand out confession. Heres is a link to the stand out confession.

Revd Teju Oduwole talking the talk on “Relationship for Teenagers” She stressed the need for healthy parent/teen relationship, teen/siblings relationship and teen/opposite relationship.

Did you notice, Rev T.J hug that Teenager? Some times, all these teenagers need is a hug or a kind word. Show some love today!

Faces of some of the dignitaries at the conference. I feel so honoured to have their presence

The Hephzibah Initiative Team
These guys are awesome. Unfortunately, a few of them are even missing in the picture. Thanks guys for coming thru for me. God bless you.
stand out 4.0 appreciation
Eniyan laso mi…Thank You so much

I hope you don’t mind me adding more pictures oh. Plus, thats how I did bush girl and I removed my heels oh.

Arent these teenagers adorable.

8 thoughts on “Stand Out 4.0. “Raising Teen Leaders”

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  1. Congratulations on the success of this conference.
    It was indeed a landmark event. I believe the teens were greatly impacted and inspired for a successful and extraordinary life now and in the future.
    Keep up the good work.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This is a wonderful initiative. Some people dream of success, others make it happen. You just made it happen. There’s more you can do than you can ever imagine. Keep pushing yourself, keep daring your limits.
    Limits are just a state of mind, you can always push yourself to do greater things , no matter what the cost might be. Keep going at it and you will be a star to be reckoned with for all times. Congratulations my dear. He that waters shall be watered.


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