To Cherish and To Nurture

I see it

He acts it

Its much more than hunger for my body

It’s an intense desire and corresponding effort to “love and cherish’ me

Spoken and unspoken efforts to weather every storm.

To stand by me, to keep, celebrate and uphold through all

Its less about the glitz and glamour

But just you and me, committed to our love cause thru thick and thin

I am his phoenix whom he delights in.


He looked me hard in the face and said

“if you won’t love RIGHT don’t get close”

So I asked for grace to love you.

Cos, you my lover can be liken to a Rose – ornamental but prickly

He granted my request and daily I drench us in his Pool.

You are my Rib.

I also have some spikes but this day, a charge to cherish and nurture I make.

We are bound in love’s strong cord, never to be separated.

I went to sleep comforted in my lovers words.

The smile on my face could lit a thousand  candles.

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