Keto Nonsense

What you think about this? ​

This post right here has inspired me to share this. I was privileged to speak to some children (10-12 yeas old) today.

Sadly more than half of them want to loss weight. I was shocked. Cause from what I saw, none of them is actually over weight except perhaps “dem body remain for house sha” Really I am baffled by the question. Are kids not allowed to be chubby?Then they asked me for tips to loss weight. I simply said drink water, eat right (avoid late night meals and too much sweet things), eat plenty fruits & vegetables and exercise. Then they asked, aunty is that all?  

Thats all I said. Whats most important is your FITNESS. You can be thin and unfit. Your fitness is important. You have to be comfortable in your own skin. Perhaps you missed my blog post on comfort in skin, it’s here. 

This weight loss nonsense is doing more harm than good.

Abi what you think?

Thanks for visiting the Hephzybee blog today again


    • Keto is good but moderation is the key. It has its side effects and like you said exercise and healthy eating works like magic, but out dies not come easy.

      I have been on keto and fo it of and on. Keto had become a naija fad and even the so called advocates are cashing in on it.

      Eat right, exercise if you can and as my husband says “the African woman needs a bit of fresh in certain places.

  1. The struggle to loose weight is becoming more paramount these days. However, I believe that in the quest to achieve this, do not starve your body.

    Rather focus on eating to be healthy and fit. And watch the weight loss happen naturally.

    I know a few persons who have used various drink and end up harming themselves.

  2. Hmmm! Like you said its about being fit not thin .Weight loss should not become an obsession .Thanks fot info on keto dieting .Am a new blogger plz do visit my blog and comment on my posts if possible

  3. wow! I had no idea it could be detrimental and I know a few people doing this. Kid equally want to loose weight? phew!

    If you don’t mind I nominated you for The Sunshine Blogger Award, kindly accept it by clicking the link then you can nominate other bloggers too.

  4. I lost 50 pounds on Keto from February to July 2017.
    . I am going to get back on it as soon as I can follow its daily requirements. It’s hard to get there but, when you get over the hump it is easier.
    Having said that,
    July 2017, I found myself in the ER with a bowel blockage and when asked what the options were the doctor said they had one hour to get a team together and surgery was the only option. That was a horrible painful experience I hope I never have to go through again. October of 2017 I found myself again at the ER with a kidney stone blockage between bladder and kidney and also had surgery to resolve that.
    I have no idea if Keto had anything to do with the 2 surgeries in a 3 month span after never having any surgery my whole life except my tonsils taken out at 16.
    My neighbor who took me to the ER was concerned my diet had something todo with the bowel blockage but I believe the doctor did not think there was any cause from diet.
    I had success losing weight on keto and want to get back on it. If I have h lath problems again maybe or not Keto is a cause, I am not sure.

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