Mind Yourself #Hephzy’sMusing

A common trend I noticed is the hate and envy trend. People just turn themselves to chief judges over other people's matters or issues. I still don't know why. I wish someone could explain. #sadface The Breaking news is; That person you hate or envy so much might not even be aware or know you... Continue Reading →

Rants Ep1

Hi lovelies, So you have to indulge me. First of all this is an original draft and am scared if I redraft or edit this, it might lose it purpose or I might even discard it. So immediately am done typing,  am pressing the publish button. Actually I think am having a writers block despite... Continue Reading →

Vision Board Party

Some weeks ago, I attended a vision board party. Am sure you are wondering what a vision board party is? Not to worry, I will explain it. But first what is a vision board. A vision board is collection of images representing things you would like to attract to your life. Vision boards can focus... Continue Reading →

The Sunshine Blogger Award

Yay, we got a blogger award. The sun is shinning on us. #dancing… Yes lovelies, we...We bagged the Sunshine Blogger Award. Last month it was the Mystery Blogger Award Nomination. Now its the Sunshine Blogger Award.  The beauty of this particular award is that we got two different nominations for the same award and both... Continue Reading →

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