Rants Ep1

Hi lovelies,

So you have to indulge me. First of all this is an original draft and am scared if I redraft or edit this, it might lose it purpose or I might even discard it. So immediately am done typing,  am pressing the publish button.

Actually I think am having a writers block despite having a number of uncompleted drafts. It’s just like my head is too tired to write something worthwhile or even furnish any of the drafts. But I really want to connect with Y’all. Plus am behind on my blog post schedule. #Exhales

Hopefully,  I will have been sharing several things with Y’all on Rants. So this is Ep1 meaningful Episode 1. Which will be based on how my week has been and my ‘bee’ life .

Lemme just emphasis, I had a very hectic week. To and fro 6 cities by road within 3 days. Now if you are in Nigeria,  you know the roads aren’t particularly in good shapes and the buses and cars are no better. You pay so much as transport fare and you get sandwiched with some “blessed” passengers in some poor conditioned car.

Anyway from all the trips, i was just hoping i will be settled enough to put up a blog post oh. But I guess my writing muse is on holiday.

Plus it’s so challenging doing many things together.  I work a 9-5. I even do extra hours at work. Am undertaking a Research Work, a run a cake business,I blog and I also have an NGO. In all I still have to create time for my family, friends, and every other thing. I still have to read non work related books, rest and all. Y’all know all that talk about the Proverbs 31 woman. 

Playful me…I should do a rant on the structure of tourism and recreational centres in Nigeria

Sometimes it so hard to balance it all but like I have learnt, there are times and seasons for all these things. Sometimes I face my research squarely, other times its my 9-5. Take for example. This last week. Monday to Tuesday was for my 9-5. I got some days off so Wednesday to Thursday was for my Research Work which I had to travel for. Then Friday, I had big sister duties in another state where my younger sister was matriculating. Then I returned back to base. I had a cake job waiting for me. But I had to go see my bestie, I hadn’t seen her in weeks. I got home so tired and there was so light. So couldn’t bake that night.  I spent Saturday baking and decorating the cake.​

The clients cake. The feedback for the client made it worth the stress
​I even missed attending a friend’s wedding.  i really wanted to attending the wedding but i had a client who trusted us to deliver on a job, so work comes first. Today is Sunday. I attended the firat service. Got back home, had some rest. Trust i will go back to sleep after publishing this post. 

My tired looking face. Spot the cake behind me

Usually my week isn’t in this exact form. Honestly some weeks are less stressful than the others.

So that’s how’s my week was but if those who know me personally.  In all I love to have fun, spend time with my loved ones and my love. Thank God for mobile phones and technology. 

Actually this is a rant so pardon  that it’s might be disorganised.  But I don’t think Rants are organised anyway. #winks

But in all I love my life. Cos my life is beautiful. I love that am free to be many things in many situations and to many people. Am glad am growing and evolving to be a better woman every day. Nd nothing excites me like the feeling of being a blessing to others.

Thanks Sim of Sims Jollies and Jaunts for inspiring this post.

Hellloooo, Welcome to my “Bee” world. I am Hephzibah Olokode. I’m a 20 something year old lady currently living in Ibadan, a city in Nigeria. I am glad to have this opportunity to share not only my thoughts, life and journey but also share the life and journey of others with you on this platform. With the sole aim of inspiring you to be a better version of yourself, ‘Hephzybee’ is a blog that focuses on lifestyle, relationship and other inspirational media contents aimed at wide range of audiences so there is something for everybody. I feel there is going to be a lot in store, so join me and together lets enjoy this ride

24 comments on “Rants Ep1

  1. Oya receive the much needed grace to achieve all your set goals, I like that part of Proverbs 31 woman…. #daughterofthekingdom… God bless you Hephzibee….

  2. Yes love the Prov 31 ref, works well with the your reflection on the week you’ve had.

  3. Nice work and lovely pics …keep blogging with your updates

  4. Here I was thinking my week was hectic.
    Well done!

  5. You look gorgeous…Keep smiling…

  6. You are really very cute. Hahaa

  7. You go girl! Super woman!

  8. Dayo Ojediran

    Being able to juggle many activities at the same time requires strength and determination. You have got both and stamina added. You are going to achieve a lot in life with this kind of spirit. Keep moving!

  9. Your “tired looking face” as you called it, looks beautiful 🙂 and so does the cake! Your rant was just fine. I don’t know if they are suppose to be organized but as rants go, you did just fine 🙂

  10. It’s normal to have unfinished drafts, the ideas will flow in. Try reading posts from other blogs to get inspiration.

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