Mind Yourself #Hephzy’sMusing

A common trend I noticed is the hate and envy trend. People just turn themselves to chief judges over other people’s matters or issues. I still don’t know why. I wish someone could explain. #sadface

The Breaking news is;

That person you hate or envy so much might not even be aware or know you exist.

The hate has too stop. Truely it can be hard to resist the urge for jealously and hate but it will do one more good to resist it. 

Don’t hate on what you know nothing about.  

Don’t be deceived by the beautiful pictures. The beautiful face/pictures might just be an accumulation of days and nights of tears, pain  and hard work. We all go thru hard times. Stop wishing you had someone else’s life. Embrace and love your life. They have just leant to swim in the storm plus you don’t even know what or who their ship is anchored on.

No one’s life is perfect. Atleast I don’t know of one. There are several tears and scares behind the beautiful faces.

There was a season of my life when i was faced with a very terrible break up. I will stay locked up crying almost all night. Sometimes my mum will come visit or a few friends just to keep me company. But guess what during the day, I will be so happy and excited at work, I will snap pictures, attend programmes look pretty and all but I was burning inside. Only those living with me or visited me knew. To the outside world I was a happy and carefree girl who deliberately broke up with her boyfriend.  But deep inside I was sad and unhappy.  Although it was my choice to break up and set myself free I didn’t quite prepare for the pain and other emotions. But I still had my life to live.

Truth be told, many people have learnt to be strong in the face of war. Many people have mastered the act of war and shining in darkness. Stop the hate. Stop the envy. 

Their journey is also full of ups and downs, they have just chosen to rock and roll in the storm. 

Face your life. Celebrate the success of others. But don’t hate.
be grateful for your life. Realise that there is a seed of greatness on your inside. Nurture it to life. 

Everyone’s grass is greener than your because you have focused too much on them.

Face your life. Own your life. Control your life narrative and soar. The Eagle they say soars highest in the storm. Make that your goal. Stop hating. Celebrate others. Face your life. 
Remember you have just one life to live. Live it Fabulously Inspired

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  1. People need to hear this often. I am constantly watering and attending to my own garden that I have little time to notice other peoples own and if I sight a bloom in yours, I thank God for you and ask Him to do same or better for me. What people don’t know is ‘you attract what you celebrate’

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