Monday Motivation- Week 2

What do you believe? People struggle to control their behaviours and actions because they don’t have control over what they choose to believe in. Your behavior and action is influenced by your emotions and feelings. Which in turn is influenced by your thoughts, our thoughts however controls what you believe. In plain English, what you... Continue Reading →

The Goalkeeper Conundrum

The FIFA International break is here again, so players from their respective countries are jeering up for friendly matches  and also tuning up for the world cup which is like some 80 something days away. The super eagles team of Nigeria is also not left out of the action as they are due to play... Continue Reading →

Money Problems? Here’s how to fix it.

Sola stood staring at the calendar; she could hardly believe her own eyes. Just some days ago, when she received the alert, she was so excited. Sola had a list waiting and immediately she started her execution plan. But today, just about 6 days later she was back to being broke and sadly she was still yet to settle some other bills. “Where did all my money go?” she thought. To be frank, Sola was tired of being so broke and living from one pay check to the other. Her 9-5 job was taking so much time and wasn’t yielding much either.

Monday Motivation- Week 1

Turn your dreams to reality.How long do you want to remain in DreamLand?Work your Dreams to life.Give it expression.Breath life to it.Enough of watching others give expression to their dreams.Its time for others to get inspired seeing you breath life to your dreams. Your dreams have stayed too long in dreamland.Start a step at a... Continue Reading →

7 First Date Tips for Mature Singles

Hi lovelies, Today’s blog post is about first date for mature singles by that I mean single who are ready to mingle and probably marry. Here in Nigeria, there is so much pressure on singles to get married particular once you are above 20 years, then when you are 25 or even 30 years old,... Continue Reading →

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