Monday Motivation- Week 3.

Oh how it seems to elude us despite how hard we try.

Every thing seems not to work.
The economy is down.
The angry faces.
The bills.

The annoying bosses.
The uncooperative staff, colleagues and clients.The unsupportive spouse
Even the busy bodies, who always have something to say and even give unsolicited advise.

Happiness seems so far off.
The low bank account.
The meagre salary.
The exorbitant cost of things.

A thousand and one reasons to be sad and grouchy.
Yes I know.

But you don’t have to have it all to be happy.
You can be happy.

You can be content in your pursuit of greener pastures.

You can be happy.

You deserve to be happy.

Happiness is an emotion that gives you strength and excitement.

Tune on your happiness switch and make up your mind and make sure that nothing is strong enough to steal your happiness.

Once your happiness is gone, your strength is gone.

Shit happens, circumstances happen but make sure you keep your strength.

It can’t all be so bad, there will still be something to be thankful for.

Be happy.
You will definitely overcome your challenges.
So keep your joy.
Be happy.
Be happy.

You deserve to be happy.
Everything will be alright.

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