Monday Motivation

Monday Motivation: Week 4

What are you attracting into your life?

“The law of attraction hold that by focusing on positive or negative thoughts people can bring positive or negative experiences into their life.”

So if you see yourself living in abundance or suffering, you will attract it.

In the Holy Bible, God told Abraham “as far as your eyes can see” Eyes here ain’t his physical eyes but his mind eyes.

The law of attraction is the law of creation.

Watch what you create.

If you are thankful, the law of attraction will bring into your life more situations for you to be thankfully about. If you are sad, gloomy and depressed, the law of attraction will bring you situations to be sad, gloomy and depressed.

What are you attracting into your life?


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6 comments on “Monday Motivation: Week 4

  1. This reminds me of WYSIWYG (/ˈwɪziwɪɡ/ WIZ-ee-wig) an acronym for “What You See Is What You Get”.
    A great way to start a week.

  2. Yes we are that which we repeatedly do, excellence then is not an act, but an attitude.

    The universe also aligns that which we attract by thought of actions.

    Really inspired by this post. Thanks for sharing.

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