Monday Motivation: Week 5

How valid are your excuses?

Truth is there will always be a thousand and one excuses for not getting things done.

“Excuses are justifiable reasons for not taking action.”

Agreed the “situation is beyond your control” right?

But wait, are there really no other options that can be explored?

Or rather ain’t you too lazy to explore the options?

‘While the excuse maybe valid, the DANGER is that it becomes an habit, and a cancer.”

Stop glorifying your excuses.

Your non-action is the reason you are still where you are.

It’s the reason things are still in the same position for you.

“Stop justifying non-action. Take the blame, bite the bullet, and you will be better for it.

People,don’t wake up poor.

But when you always give excuses, you start seeing yourself as powerless…
And this creates learned helplessness.

Take action daily, and you will be better daily.

One day off, is one day backwards.

Build that discipline.”

Excuses birth procrastination.

It’s the second quarter of the year already what have you done in the line of your Goals and Plans for the year?

Whether you failed or finished, Kill the Excuses before it Harms you

Stop snoozing the Alarm!

Stop validating the Excuses!


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Live Life Fabulously Inspired

With love,


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