Monday Motivation

Monday Motivation: Week 6

What is your 20 mile march?

In 1911, two team, each headed by Scott and Amunden embarked on a journey to the South Pole.

Amunden reached the destination 34 days before Scott despite the harsh weather condition amongst other inconveniences.

When asked the secret to the success of the journey, Amunden remarked that he and his team had vowed to always make a 20 mile march every day come rain or sunshine towards their destination.

Scott on the other hand admitted that his team had a minimum of 40 mile march on days when the weather was favourable but had often taken out time to rest during unfavorable weather.

Undoubtedly, Scott also made it to the South Pole but he lost all his team members and even died of starvation on his way back.

Amundsen made it by means of a key execution tactic, the 20 mile a day approach, executing every plan, no matter how bad the weather was or the steep hills were everyday they made an average of 20 miles every day.

In contrast, Scott chose a reckless approach, pushing his crew to travel much further and faster on favorable weather conditions, whenever provided.

The 20 mile approach is key execution tactic, the 20 mile a day approach, executing the plans toward your goals everyday no matter how bad or rough things get.

You have to be consistent in your pursuit of your goals, dreams and vision. So whether the weather is harsh or not, be consistent.

Constant little drops of water make a mighty ocean. Be consistent. Be like Amunden, have a strategy, take it piecemeal at a time. Be consistent, keep pressing.

They say if you give atleast one hour every day towards developing a specific skill, in five years you will become an expert in that area.

Our world is fleeting.

Change is most constant. Almost everything is ultimately out of your control.

But when you 20 Mile March, you have a tangible point of focus that keeps you despite confusion, uncertainty, and even chaos.

Begin your 20 mile march today

Nb: I also had to take the 20 mile trip this morning with regards to publishing today post, every thing almost went wrong but am glad you have this to read.


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4 comments on “Monday Motivation: Week 6

  1. Thumbs up dear Sister. I must share this

  2. Thanks, dear for this. Just the right motivation for a new week.

  3. Great motivation. Consistency is the secret to accomplishing great tasks no matter how enormous or difficult it looks at the beginning.
    As it was in 1911 so it is now 😀.
    Good job Hephzybee

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