Monday motivation: Week 10

How tough are you?

Talking a strong game is cheap but bringing it to reality is tough!

When the storm come, will you still be standing?

Life can be very dramatic and unpredictable.

When unprepared battles and challenges comes what will you do?

When the storms comes will you still be standing?

Talk is cheap. Action is not.

Take a game of football. It’s easy for the spectators to talk and pass commentaries but bet, the players aren’t finding it easy.

Talk is cheap. Stop talking about the dreams and goals, Get to work.

Start doing something everyday to make it a reality.

No one celebrates you for talking but people will celebrate you for doing.

Be a executor.

The journey won’t be easy. It’s never been a work through for anyone.

You will be bruised, injuried and almost maimed. But stay in the game.

Be tough.

Be strong.

Be Resilience.

The doors will shut.

The windows will not open.

But keep breathing.

Keep at it.

Don’t give up.

Stay in the Game.

In the end, you will come out victorious.

For those in the military, the higher the number of wars and battles you fight, the higher your rank.

Be tough.

Be resilience.


Don’t be a mediocre.

You have what it takes.

Go for the gold and nothing else.

But take it step by step.

Be consistent.

Never give up.

You will come forth victorious.

Your dreams are legit…. Work them to reality.


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Live Life Fabulously Inspired

With love,


4 thoughts on “Monday motivation: Week 10

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  1. Thanks for reminding us your readers that dreams come true when they are pursued with passion.
    Truly, to be strong, tough and resilient is necessary for a fulfilled life as you have aptly captured in this motivational piece.


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