Rebuilding Nigeria, a Collaborative Effort

I have read and even responded to several reviews and reports of the most recent mass killings. Just one week #PlateauKillings #BodijaButchersandPoliceFight #LagosFireExplosion. Can you imagine the number of lives and properties that have been lost to the tragedy? Not to talk of several displaced person and orphans? The reality is we have lost hundreds... Continue Reading →

Monday Motivation: Week 13

How forgiving are you? To forgive is to: accept that what happened has happened; it is to choose to find at least some iota of understanding for the other person’s actions, and then decide it’s in your best interest to let it go and move on. Forgiving a person is never about the person but... Continue Reading →

11 Lessons from Mofoluwaso Ilevbare

There are meetings and there are meetings. Some you really just don’t want to miss attending, one of such meetings is the “Treasure Refuge Foundation” organized programmes. The programme holds bimonthly. This month, the guest speaker was Mrs Mofoluwaso Ilevbare. Mofoluwaso Ilevbare is a Godfidence coach, productivity booster, purpose speaker, best selling author and coach.... Continue Reading →

Monday Motivation- Week 12

Have you said a heartfelt thank you lately? Many are wrapped up in the vicissitude of life that they forgot to be thankful. Life is full of ups and downs, curves and twist, joys and thrills. In all especially in the curves and twist, it's helpful to develop the attitude of gratitude. "Gratitude unlocks the... Continue Reading →

Thank God for Fathers: Father’s Day 2018

Today is Father's Day. Typically, Father's day is celebrated on the third Sunday of June globally. Am not sure there is a theme for this year's celebration though but we can boldly thank God for fathers. Fathers provide not only comfort but are also the insignia of authority and correction. As I have learnt beneath... Continue Reading →

Reading Goals

Just a litle peep into my world. About 3 weeks ago, I set a goal of reading for 7 hours everyday. To be honest it felt crazy especially because I don't have any exams to write. But I really just wanted to build some intellectual muscles. 7 hours daily, aren't easy. So I did some... Continue Reading →

Monday Motivation: Week 11

Have you built a system around your goals? Setting goals is cheap. Achieving them is not. Apart from the fact that your goals must be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic they must be Time Bound. So how do you achieve your goals within a specific Time frame? You can achieve your goals by having a "To... Continue Reading →

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