Monday Motivation: Week 11

Have you built a system around your goals?

Setting goals is cheap. Achieving them is not.

Apart from the fact that your goals must be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic they must be Time Bound.

So how do you achieve your goals within a specific Time frame?

You can achieve your goals by having a “To Do List”.

Basically, a ‘To Do List’ like the name implies is a list of task that needs to be done.

Having a To Do list is a huge plus. You To Do List can be set daily, weekly or monthly.

So let’s say, I want to read a 13 chapter book within a week. That’s the goal. The next thing is to have an execution plan which I will schedule into my to do list.

All I need do is to break it down.

My to do list will look like this.

Monday: read chapter 1&2.

Tuesday : read chapter 3.

Wednesday : chapters 4,5&6

Thursday : chapters 7,8,9

Friday: chapter 10, 11 &12.

Saturday : free

Sunday: chapter 13.

What I simply did was to weave my to do list for reading the book around my work schedule for the week.

Saturday are for aerobics. ND once am done with that, am heavy like a log of wood and so can’t read. I will just see a movie.

Having To do list is a game changer.

There are even mobile To Do list apps that can be installed in your phone. You can as well download a to do list format from Google. Although, I use my journal and the notes pad on my phone. Whatever medium suits you, just make sure you have a To Do list.

Having a To Do list is like building a system around your goals. More like breaking your goals into smaller chunks.

However beyond having a to do list, be disciplined in implementing the task on your ‘to do’ list.


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