Thank God for Fathers: Father’s Day 2018

Today is Father’s Day.

Typically, Father’s day is celebrated on the third Sunday of June globally. Am not sure there is a theme for this year’s celebration though but we can boldly thank God for fathers.

Fathers provide not only comfort but are also the insignia of authority and correction.

As I have learnt beneath that toughness and strictness is so much tenderness and love.

Makes four years since the demise of my biological father who I miss so much. Am grateful for the years I spent with him, his love, kindness and strictness.

I am also grateful for all the father figures in my life.

On this day, I celebrate and rejoice with all Fathers and Fathers to be.
I also want to encourage every child (I know we are all grown up and all) to honour their father and father figures .

You might not always have them around, so while you have them, honour and cherish the time. Take them out, buy them a gift or cards, send them text messages of how much you value them.
I understand that sometimes it’s seems like your father doesn’t understand you but this I know, he always has your best interest which of course can be limited by his world view.
Fatherhood is full of joys and struggles. Let’s celebrate their struggle and efforts.
Happy Father’s Day.

NB: You don’t have to earn a 6 figure before you give your father a treat.

7 thoughts on “Thank God for Fathers: Father’s Day 2018

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  1. It is indeed right to appreciate our fathers, to my father, I say God bless you and grant you long life and prosperity in good health and sound mind. Cheers. God bless you Hepzibah for this piece.

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  2. Yes..and it would not be wrong to say fathers are one of the greatest gifts God gave us,may you live long dad and eat the fruit of your labour in good health and sound mind in Jesus name,Hephzy darling you are blessed.

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  3. I don’t know if I am the only one that thinks we under appreciate father’s more than mothers and I think it is so wrong. I love the clause at the bottom of the post.

    Cheers to all amazing fathers in our lives.

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