11 Lessons from Mofoluwaso Ilevbare

There are meetings and there are meetings. Some you really just don’t want to miss attending, one of such meetings is the “Treasure Refuge Foundation” organized programmes. The programme holds bimonthly.

This month, the guest speaker was Mrs Mofoluwaso Ilevbare. Mofoluwaso Ilevbare is a Godfidence coach, productivity booster, purpose speaker, best selling author and coach. As in she is a powerhouse. Need I also add that she has such a pleasant personality!

She spoke extensively on maximizing potentials.
So in my largesse, I am paying it forward by sharing some of the lessons I picked from her speech.
I will share lessons I learnt from her

1. Start small.

2. Invest in your dreams.

3. Anything is possible to him that believes.

4. You become who you hang out with.

5. Surround yourself with the right kind of people

6. The future belongs to those wwho take action.

7. Your gifts/experiences is to bless others.

8. The gifts God has given you can be multiplied a hundred fold ig you understand the impact of networking and community around you.

9. We all have gifts. There is something special about you. God wants you to maximize it. You need to share your gift with the world.

10. It is not the knowledge that changes our life but the Action that does.

11. You are UNSTOPPABLE.

Click here to check her on instagram. You should follow her. She has tones of transformational resources.

Enjoy some clips from here

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