Rebuilding Nigeria, a Collaborative Effort

I have read and even responded to several reviews and reports of the most recent mass killings.
Just one week #PlateauKillings #BodijaButchersandPoliceFight #LagosFireExplosion.

Can you imagine the number of lives and properties that have been lost to the tragedy? Not to talk of several displaced person and orphans? The reality is we have lost hundreds of brilliant minds to this disaster?

Yes, you and are should be grateful to still be alive but like a cancer that is uncared for, if this menace is not curbed it will keep spreading.

What is most disheartening for me is that all of these are “ManMadeDisasters”, which could have been avoided. If we are going to enjoy a better Nigeria then we must all get to work.

Talk is cheap. So we will not only come on social media to rant. We will pray, yes am an advocate of prayers. Especially because Prayer strengthens our convictions.

We will pray and we must play our parts.

Listen people, God has not given us brains for fun. So we must use our brains. We will not only get our PVCs but also go out to vote. We must get to work. Be our own security officers. Be alert. Be must live above our fears and believe in a New Nigeria. We can’t keep depending on the incident government. We must synergy. We must collaborate and rebuild Nigeria.

Like a friend just added “we must follow rules and regulations, starting from. Rules as simple as using seat belts and traffic rules”

This is our land. It is Green and must not be laid to waste.
#NoToBadGovernance #NoToInnocentKillings #iPrayforNigeriaAndIDoMyPart

Please let’s remember the families who are lost I. The tragedy in our prayers and help in whatever way possible.

Sorry, I didn’t post any of the gory details here.

6 thoughts on “Rebuilding Nigeria, a Collaborative Effort

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  1. Let’s as citizens…in our own little way be engaging and involved in our own little environment,community..for its upliftment and restoration of our values..which unfortunately has eroded

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  2. It is our duty to build Nigeria and salvage her from the hands of the destroyers. May God empower us to do so.
    Condolence to all those who lost their relations in the unfortunate incidents.

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