T.H.I exploits Teens Talks

Are You a Good Human Being With A Good Heart And Noble Intention?

If your answer is yes….

I Need you to help me raise 753,450 Naira:

….and in exchange I will have the Stand Out Participants Sign A Personal Thank You Card To you with some of our souvenirs and your name (even if you want to be anonymous like countless others) will be honoured among the great that changed the lives of this students and teenagers and change our Nation and World for the better.

What some of you will give is LESS the price of AN ANKARA, LACE or even FULL PLATE OF PEPPERED FISH.

I should explain Why I Need the cash from you for these teenagers?


Few weeks ago, I was visited by some teenager friends.

2 Boys and 3 girls.

And all were not in the mood to play

…they all need my counsel and help.

They have been dealing with different stages of depression, desperation, peer pressures, experimentation with drugs, alcohol and sex (for the feel of it).

One of them is addicted to her image so much so that at the age of 14, she’s on a secret KETO DIET without any adult approval and supervision.

3 out of them are already stealing occasionally to serve those vices.

And they ALL believe their parents are too busy and out of touch to even care. Its all about school fees and grades to them, PERIOD.

Right now, they’ve started failing in classes and the One that isn’t failing is becoming lost and secretly nursing some extreme thoughts.

I can’t tell you how I WEPT.

I was SAD for days because not only is there little i can do, BUT there are MORE TEENAGERS In WORSE situations like them.



This is where you NOW come in.

Many of these teenagers, You don’t know…it’s not even YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to help them……come to think of it, you have your own family to take care of…and this is practically, none of your business.

It is I who was called to create a platform to help.

….but I want to make you to help me help this kids and redirect their lives.

Every money + resources Invested in this vision is in having a direct impact in these kids lives.

I have raised 275,350 from personal finance, family and friends, so I need you all to help make this impact a memorable and historic one.

So to help save these 5 Teenagers and over 2,300 others that will come for the event and countless others that will listen via mp3 downloads and newsletter etc, you can do Bank Deposits and Transfer Using:

Hepzibah Olokode

For questions and enquiries call my personal line on: 07036679412 (This is serous and I need to be reachable directly for all questions and accountability. No Secretary this time. This responsibility for your donations is SOLELY ON ME).

PLEASE NOTE: We need to raise the money before October 2nd because all arrangements and needs must be fulfilled before the main program

ALSO NOTE: You’re Invited Specially to the Program to come and see what your INVESTMENTS are being used towards.

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