Dangers of self comparism

It’s like every one on social media has got their lives in order except you.
Don’t be discouraged.
Keep working on your dreams and if you have to block or unfollow some people please do.
Don’t let any one pressure you.
No bad or negative energy.
I remember unfollowing some people on social media. I was intimidated by their post.
It was so bad, I woke up that morning sometimes last year at about 5am in high spirits, prayed then went on I.G, guess what, I saw my competition.
You see often times we put ourselves in a place of unnecessary competition with everyone else but ourselves.
I became so sad. A friend was staying over that night, I didn’t know when I blurted out. I said plenty jargon that was eventually summarize as I was comparing my life with this fellow in I.G. Sadly the person doesn’t even know oh.
She looked at me, shook her head and said “See you comparing your life with someone else, Hephzy I wish I can boast of your achievement” She mentioned a lot of specifics I often forgot. I practically had to switch to thanksgiving mode and ask God to forgive me.
Even the Bible say “those who compare their lives with others are unwise”.
My life isn’t perfect but am counting my blessings and working at becoming a better me every day.
You can do like wise.
Don’t let comparism rob you of your joy
Please don’t fall into that error.
You are a work in progress.
Don’t compare your seed time with their harvest.
Focus on you.
Be thankful for your journey.
Plus the grass always looks greener on the other side.. You aren’t doing badly.
Your success/hustle isn’t inferior to that of others.
Keep grinding.
Be persistent.
Your dreams are valid. and while you are grinding, cultivate the act of Thanksgiving.
Your story isn’t their story. Celebrate the successes of others but don’t be defined by them.
Own your story. Don’t be an extra in your own movie.
Much love.

6 thoughts on “Dangers of self comparism

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  1. Everyone of us has got different race to run and different paths to tow. We all arrive at our different time zones.
    A great writeup and apt. Nice one Hephzybee.

    Liked by 1 person

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