The Rules of Engagement

Hi lovelies, you stopped by the blog again today again! I count it a rare privilege. Thank you. Like I always say, caring is sharing. Kindly follow, like and share hephzybee blog post. Its time to influence someone,anyone to live life fabulously inspired. So, in my previous post click I shared the tale of how... Continue Reading →

The Palm Tree

From the Haven President *Characteristics of a Palm Tree* - 1.. It grows straight heavenward 2. It overtops all other trees 3. The Palm tree cast the least shadow... it does not interfere with the growth of its neighbors by hindering the rain or sunshine 4.. The Palm tree is softest at heart - 5.... Continue Reading →

God hears you

I tried to calculate and reason that God should and could have sorted these issues out. I thought he would do it in a particular way but no, he did not.

New Creation Realities

Hi Precious, thanks for reading this post. Am sure, you are wondering why I called you Precious? That's because that what you are to God. He loved you so much, he sent Jesus, Jesus paid his blood as ransom for you, humanly speaking, would you give up so much for someone who isn't Precious to... Continue Reading →

Laughing through the storm

Yippee, its another quarter of the year 2014. Am so excited! Today, I am writing on keeping your joy and laughing through the storm. I know you have dreams, aspirations, plans and purposes. Some met, some unmet. No matter what, Laugh, Laugh, Laugh. 'Rejoice, again I say rejoice'. No matter how things have been through... Continue Reading →

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