Monday Motivation: Week 9

Are you phenomenal? Still in the mood of Celebrating mothers day, our Monday motivation will be Maya Angelou' Phenomenal woman. I hope you will be inspired to be a Phenomenal Woman Pretty women wonder where my secret lies. I’m not cute or built to suit a fashion model’s size But when I start to tell... Continue Reading →

Monday Motivation: Week 7

Are you walking on the path of kindness? The fact is its almost justifiable to ignore those suffering or in lack around you because you have your own problems. The truth however is, we all have our problems. Agreed, maybe in different proportions. But every human has his/her own problems. Having your own problems should... Continue Reading →

Monday Motivation- Week 3.

Happiness Oh how it seems to elude us despite how hard we try. Every thing seems not to work. The economy is down. The angry faces. The bills. The annoying bosses. The uncooperative staff, colleagues and clients.The unsupportive spouse Even the busy bodies, who always have something to say and even give unsolicited advise. Happiness... Continue Reading →

The Tale of my Absenteeism

Hi lovelies, long time no post..... am sorry for the unannounced absence. It was so not planned. As in the past few weeks has being so hectic for me eh. I missed blogging but am so exhausted i just get home, Nd i sleep off. Its been one activity plus another, and most especially, i... Continue Reading →

President; mood swing Club

Hi guys, Welcome to my blog. Thanks for cliiiiiicking. #kisses I want to hear from you so you can please drop a comment, I will definitely respond. Also, pllllleeeeaaase subscribe to my blog…… So today, lets gist abouuuuuuut folks with most unpredictable moods… Abeg sit don make we yarn. So I was on board for... Continue Reading →

i am unashamed

When I got the opportunity for this photoshoot I prayed. Am sure that's sounds overly spiritual right? But I Prayed! I asked God to direct me and give me postures that were prophetic especially with respect to my journey in 2017. God answered. I am not on competition with anyone. My scars are mine and... Continue Reading →

Starting Strong

It's no more new that's its a new year 2017. So let me formally welcome y'all to YEEAAARR 2017. I strongly believe its a goodly year. So many blessings are in the year. Tap into it oh!!! In the spirit of starting strong I had a photo session courtesy of PixHub. Pix Hub is a... Continue Reading →

The Palm Tree

From the Haven President *Characteristics of a Palm Tree* - 1.. It grows straight heavenward 2. It overtops all other trees 3. The Palm tree cast the least shadow... it does not interfere with the growth of its neighbors by hindering the rain or sunshine 4.. The Palm tree is softest at heart - 5.... Continue Reading →


I didn’t feel like pursuing a postgraduate program because my dad died 2 months prior to the admission exams. 16 of us were admitted out of about 200 that wrote the exams and we began lectures. Then I started my dissertation. I spent five months writing, submitting, correcting and re-submitting Chapter One. 2 weeks to... Continue Reading →

Beauty for ashes

#memoriesfromlastweekend So I was scheduled to attend a wedding last weekend (#bythewayikindalikeowambesespecially4#Nigerianjollofrice😝but for some unknown reasons I choose to attend mama @tinutemi 's program #Beauty4Ashes. Big ups to @thisatinuke for posting that she wud be in town (#by the way, apart from S.M it was my first time meeting her, nd she is adorable). So... Continue Reading →

The need to learn a skill in the 21st century is essential. Several educational institutions encourage the learning of skill as well. Catering and event management is an excellent choice for those who want to learn a skill either male or female. A catering and event management institute that is well recognised even by the... Continue Reading →

love is not a fight

hi, thanks for checking this out. ever heard peeps say something like this 'i love her but i cant fight to keep her'. or 'i would do anything to keep that girl' either ways hope you get the idea. I don't have so much experience in the school of 'love' but I know have experienced... Continue Reading →

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