Mind Yourself #Hephzy’sMusing

A common trend I noticed is the hate and envy trend. People just turn themselves to chief judges over other people's matters or issues. I still don't know why. I wish someone could explain. #sadface The Breaking news is; That person you hate or envy so much might not even be aware or know you... Continue Reading →

To Cherish and To Nurture

I see it He acts it Its much more than hunger for my body It’s an intense desire and corresponding effort to “love and cherish’ me Spoken and unspoken efforts to weather every storm. To stand by me, to keep, celebrate and uphold through all Its less about the glitz and glamour But just you... Continue Reading →

Respket yourself

Dont envy anyone's journey, you dont know the potholes they have and are still going to drive thru. Respket yourself and stay in your own lane. Be inspired but don't be envious.  

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