Been a while

Feeling so sad.... It's been a while three month since I last published a blog post.Don't even know what to say.Am not given to excuses but to be honest, my schedule is super tired and the data consumption rate aren't so pocket friend. Don't worry, am coming back soonest.Hope you are good?Sooo who missed me?

Monday Motivation: Week 13

How forgiving are you? To forgive is to: accept that what happened has happened; it is to choose to find at least some iota of understanding for the other person’s actions, and then decide it’s in your best interest to let it go and move on. Forgiving a person is never about the person but... Continue Reading →

Mind Yourself #Hephzy’sMusing

A common trend I noticed is the hate and envy trend. People just turn themselves to chief judges over other people's matters or issues. I still don't know why. I wish someone could explain. #sadface The Breaking news is; That person you hate or envy so much might not even be aware or know you... Continue Reading →

Vision Board Party

Some weeks ago, I attended a vision board party. Am sure you are wondering what a vision board party is? Not to worry, I will explain it. But first what is a vision board. A vision board is collection of images representing things you would like to attract to your life. Vision boards can focus... Continue Reading →

The Error

Hi lovelies, it’s quite a while I put up a blog post… I miss blogging, apart from the fact that I have been very busy with work and travelling, I lost my phone. The lost of my phone was really painful and I cried oh #coveredeyes…… But it fine, God is a restorer. Usually, I... Continue Reading →

Bad Days hun!!!

Hi guys....... I miss you. Yes you jo. it's been like 4 days I posted oh. I have been drunk busy with work. Busy so te, to sleep na wahala. but it's part of life jare. So, here's a quick one, this is a very short post hopefully... So what do you do when you... Continue Reading →

The pursuit of Happiness

So I had the golden opportunity to facilitate/teach in a Coaching/Mentorship Whatsapp group and I feel like sharing the teaching with y’all, this is the original script... I really hope you will be bless. Plus I enjoyed researching and writing this…. So guys here we go…..

Get out of your way

waaalaaaa It’s a new month And it the seventh month meaning we are in the second half of the year 2017. How time flies right? Time does fly oh! Really, I mean, when did we just shout ‘Happy New Year’ ke? But that’s the way of life oh. In no time, it will be December 2017 oh? So, how has the year being for you? I(take a min to answer) Anyway, for me January to June, 2017 was being quite very eventful. A lot of experiences, good, bad, ugly, success, challenges but am grateful to still be standing. And most importantly have reached some of my goals for the year. Moral of all my gist, do an appraisal of the months spent and set new goals for the remaining 6 months. So I remember at the beginning of the year I met with one of my daddies and pastor, Rev Albert Femi Oduwole, and I recalling telling him how busy I was at that time; I had a lot on my plates and I didn’t really know how best to handle them. Then he said and I quote, “Hepzibah, you are never going to get less busy, you have to learn to juggle them all and know what is important in each season”. That just stayed with me. Honestly, its not easy juggling all, but gradually am getting better at it, you too should.

Who moved my Cheese

Breaking news your cheese will ALWAYS be MOVED! Not necessary because the cheese-movers hate you, But because that's just life so what do you do when your cheese is moved? Just Move as well. Stop staying struck in the PAST. Move, look and Search for Better Cheese. Whoever says eating stale food is good is... Continue Reading →


If you are mature enough to cause a MESS then be MATURE enough to deal with the consequences. #Lawma #cleanyourmess #dont make others clean up after you. #beResponble. The moment i realised I was responsible for myself, the less mess i caused. Be Responsible....Life doesnt just happen... Be Deliberate. The choices you make turn the... Continue Reading →

'Sorry ma'am, your son can never walk again, we have tried all we can! The doctor said as he tried to console the mother of the boy who laid on the bed. Poor boy! his mother thought. The young boy was horribly burned in a schoolhouse fire at the age of 8. As young as... Continue Reading →

Food for thought

Life is going by. Don’t waste a minute being negative, offended and bitter. You can choose to be happy – Joel Osteen So often we are so consumed with thoughts of what people think about our action without giving a thought to what God thinks – Hepzibah Olokode You don’t need to wear a mask.... Continue Reading →

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