7 First Date Tips for Mature Singles

Hi lovelies, Today’s blog post is about first date for mature singles by that I mean single who are ready to mingle and probably marry. Here in Nigeria, there is so much pressure on singles to get married particular once you are above 20 years, then when you are 25 or even 30 years old,... Continue Reading →

Much ado about Mothers-in-Law

Hi lovelies, Trust ya doing good? So today’s blog post is on mothers-in-law. Disclaimer: am not yet married but that doesn't disqualified me from talking about Mothers-in-Law. I have two eyes plus I wear eyes glasses, so technically that's four eyes... #Winks Truth be told there are so many myths and stories surrounding mothers in... Continue Reading →

Worth the Wait

Hi lovelies, welcome to HephzyBee Blog. Today's blog post is centred around weddings and marriage oh. Everyone is getting married oh! Oya all ye singles (either male or female), trusting God for their big day....siddon come hear testimony. A very dear big sister shared her pre-wedding/ marriage story and with her permission, am sharing with... Continue Reading →

Becoming Mr. Hepziboo: the application form- hurray while stock last

Hows y’all? My name is Hephzibaby, baby because I like to be pampered, like seriously pampered, you knows chauffeur-driven, pizza, chicken, shawarma and ice cream, manicure and pedicure, sun bathe, designer wearing, name dropping et al. #chewing gums. They said we want to get married oh. So, let’s just yan marriage tori. Currently, as at the time of this post Hephzibaby is SINGLE to stupor and is requesting for applicants. So plizk all interested applicants should purchase a “hephzibaby suitor’s form”. Just....

Am I a learner?

Today’s post starts with two, 2 pere oh, two questions; Question 1: Assuming you have a master’s degree can you date or marry someone with a primary school leaving certificate? Question 2: Would you date a dude you earn more than or a babe who earns Heres my answer

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