Reading Goals

Just a litle peep into my world. About 3 weeks ago, I set a goal of reading for 7 hours everyday. To be honest it felt crazy especially because I don't have any exams to write. But I really just wanted to build some intellectual muscles. 7 hours daily, aren't easy. So I did some... Continue Reading →

Girls Trip: Movie Review

I feel like screaminnnnnnnngggg, we had a girl’s hangouuuuuuutt!!!!! But calm down, no rush read the post, I go give una all the tori Thank you for subscribing to this blog. I super love you and a quick reminder, live life fabulously inspired no matter what you are going thru, life is challenging no doubt... Continue Reading →

Review- the God-size void

The fact that great things comes in small packages has never been more true as evident in Bolu Onasanya's The God-size Void. The book is a must read for all especially those who desperately desire to fill the void in their life. Right from the cover page design, Bolu takes us on a journey, drawing... Continue Reading →

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