Star of the Week: Kehinde Gbadamosi

I am Kehinde Gbadamosi (Kenny MGBG), a value adder, a messenger of passion, a builder of people, a speaker, a life coach and a child/adolescent advocate. I am a graduate of the University of Ilorin where I studied English Language. I am passionate about children and believe that children are special gifts from God and should be treasured.

Star of the Week: Mrs Doyin Ogunbiyi

Welcome to Hephzybee blog. Thanks for visiting again. If this is your first time on the blog, you are welcome!!!! #hugs. I do hope you will follow the blog. Thank you. So today, the star of the week is #DrumRolls Am so privileged to have met this delectable woman. so let me just famz and... Continue Reading →

Dr.3pleA; Star of the week

Hello!!! Welcome to HephzyBee Blog. It’s such a pleasure bringing this interview to you. If this is your first time here, you are super loved and I really do hope that you will be inspired, please be free to read up other post on the blog. And if you are one of our regulars, you... Continue Reading →

Exclusive interview with Pst Goke Coker

My guest today is a big fish oh #idiomatically. Although am sure #in a whisper, he would not like this appellation. But anyway, #dancing shoki, its good to appreciate God's grace on people's lives. Less I forget, thanks for checking the blog today, (kindly check our other posts, they are specially prepared to bless you).*hugs#... Continue Reading →


Being thinking of how best to introduce and talk about her. No matter how hard I try. I count myself privileged to be connected to her. As a matter of Fact she is a great model. Am sure you are wondering who this special person is, anyway don't wonder to far. She is Revd Mrs... Continue Reading →

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