Rants Ep1

Hi lovelies, So you have to indulge me. First of all this is an original draft and am scared if I redraft or edit this, it might lose it purpose or I might even discard it. So immediately am done typing,  am pressing the publish button. Actually I think am having a writers block despite... Continue Reading →

Vision Board Party

Some weeks ago, I attended a vision board party. Am sure you are wondering what a vision board party is? Not to worry, I will explain it. But first what is a vision board. A vision board is collection of images representing things you would like to attract to your life. Vision boards can focus... Continue Reading →

The Sunshine Blogger Award

Yay, we got a blogger award. The sun is shinning on us. #dancing… Yes lovelies, we...We bagged the Sunshine Blogger Award. Last month it was the Mystery Blogger Award Nomination. Now its the Sunshine Blogger Award.  The beauty of this particular award is that we got two different nominations for the same award and both... Continue Reading →

Keto Nonsense

What you think about this? ​ This post right here has inspired me to share this. I was privileged to speak to some children (10-12 yeas old) today. Sadly more than half of them want to loss weight. I was shocked. Cause from what I saw, none of them is actually over weight except perhaps "dem... Continue Reading →

Much ado about Mothers-in-Law

Hi lovelies, Trust ya doing good? So today’s blog post is on mothers-in-law. Disclaimer: am not yet married but that doesn't disqualified me from talking about Mothers-in-Law. I have two eyes plus I wear eyes glasses, so technically that's four eyes... #Winks Truth be told there are so many myths and stories surrounding mothers in... Continue Reading →

To Cherish and To Nurture

I see it He acts it Its much more than hunger for my body It’s an intense desire and corresponding effort to “love and cherish’ me Spoken and unspoken efforts to weather every storm. To stand by me, to keep, celebrate and uphold through all Its less about the glitz and glamour But just you... Continue Reading →

Mystery Blogger Award

Yippeeeee I got a blogger award nomination. #Dancing This is a very big deal for me, because it  would be my first nomination for blogger award and am ever grateful for the nomination. You know sometimes you will stay in your little corner and its hard to imagine anyone noticing you.  Some days ago, I... Continue Reading →

The Tale of my Absenteeism

Hi lovelies, long time no post..... am sorry for the unannounced absence. It was so not planned. As in the past few weeks has being so hectic for me eh. I missed blogging but am so exhausted i just get home, Nd i sleep off. Its been one activity plus another, and most especially, i... Continue Reading →

My Brown Rusty Roof Experience

Hi Lovelies, You won’t believe that I have lived in Ibadan for over 5 years now and I have never intentionally taken time out to visit some historic sites in the city. Reason, I don’t even know but a safe haven is to blame that on work. Anyway, I saw a post in I.G about... Continue Reading →

The Error

Hi lovelies, it’s quite a while I put up a blog post… I miss blogging, apart from the fact that I have been very busy with work and travelling, I lost my phone. The lost of my phone was really painful and I cried oh #coveredeyes…… But it fine, God is a restorer. Usually, I... Continue Reading →

My Tale of RYLA 2017

Hi lovelies, happy new month. Welcome to the month of October. So I got an award last month, I shared the picture on my Facebook and Instagram handle with a promise to share the full gist (in case you aren’t following me on these platforms, please do). So here’s the full gist and this is... Continue Reading →

Star of the Week: Kehinde Gbadamosi

I am Kehinde Gbadamosi (Kenny MGBG), a value adder, a messenger of passion, a builder of people, a speaker, a life coach and a child/adolescent advocate. I am a graduate of the University of Ilorin where I studied English Language. I am passionate about children and believe that children are special gifts from God and should be treasured.

Do you unapologetically

Hi lovelies,welcome to another blog post, this will hopefully be a short post. I hope oh! What makes you you? As in what's you unique selling point? Everyone is special and unique. But I have realized that instead of standing out alot of us are always trying to conform, always trying to be like someone... Continue Reading →

Worth the Wait

Hi lovelies, welcome to HephzyBee Blog. Today's blog post is centred around weddings and marriage oh. Everyone is getting married oh! Oya all ye singles (either male or female), trusting God for their big day....siddon come hear testimony. A very dear big sister shared her pre-wedding/ marriage story and with her permission, am sharing with... Continue Reading →

Comfort in skin

Hi lovelies, the much anticipated "comfort in skin" is hereeeeeeeee. Thank you for your patience. So sit down, relax and enjoy.....#its a long post oh.... let's start with some stories....who loves stories? Growing up, I had a challenge. This challenge amplified when I got to secondary school. The challenge seemed mundane, but it was serious... Continue Reading →

Burnt Pancake? Hell No!

Hi people, So I made Pancakes this evening and thought of sharing the recipe with you. Plus I realised quite a number of folks make a burnt looking something and call it pancake. Really, I don't mean to be rude but I can't deal.#notmyrealfaceoh! There is nothing attractive about burnt pancake. By the way, please... Continue Reading →

The Rules of Engagement

Hi lovelies, you stopped by the blog again today again! I count it a rare privilege. Thank you. Like I always say, caring is sharing. Kindly follow, like and share hephzybee blog post. Its time to influence someone,anyone to live life fabulously inspired. So, in my previous post click I shared the tale of how... Continue Reading →

A Tale of Two Weekends

Hey lovelies, thanks for reading again..... So around July, I was very apprehensive, apprehensive August was going to be very boring. Quite unusually I didn't have any programs lined up. But guess what, things turned around. I became so busy eh, I was practically begging busy to leave me alone. So here's the recount of... Continue Reading →

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