Star of the Week: Mrs Doyin Ogunbiyi

Welcome to Hephzybee blog. Thanks for visiting again. If this is your first time on the blog, you are welcome!!!! #hugs. I do hope you will follow the blog. Thank you. So today, the star of the week is #DrumRolls Am so privileged to have met this delectable woman. so let me just famz and... Continue Reading →

The path to Purpose Discovery (Part1)

Hi people, welcome to another post on Hephzybee Blog. Thanks for reading. so, todaaaaaaay, am introducing a new segment on the blog captioned GUEST FEATURE!!! Yippee..... On guest feature, I will post the write ups/articles of avid writers of my choice as guest contributors. So if you have something worth sharing, just hit me up... Continue Reading →

Bad Days hun!!!

Hi guys....... I miss you. Yes you jo. it's been like 4 days I posted oh. I have been drunk busy with work. Busy so te, to sleep na wahala. but it's part of life jare. So, here's a quick one, this is a very short post hopefully... So what do you do when you... Continue Reading →

Efo Riro, H.P style

The problem with been a foodie is that you almost can't stop yourself from thinking and trying out new recipes. So imagine me trying out this recipe oh. But before I tell you about this recipe promise not to yab me. I whisked sugar and eggs together and fried it. #EyesRolling. Actually that was not... Continue Reading →

Girls Trip: Movie Review

I feel like screaminnnnnnnngggg, we had a girl’s hangouuuuuuutt!!!!! But calm down, no rush read the post, I go give una all the tori Thank you for subscribing to this blog. I super love you and a quick reminder, live life fabulously inspired no matter what you are going thru, life is challenging no doubt... Continue Reading →

Becoming Mr. Hepziboo: the application form- hurray while stock last

Hows y’all? My name is Hephzibaby, baby because I like to be pampered, like seriously pampered, you knows chauffeur-driven, pizza, chicken, shawarma and ice cream, manicure and pedicure, sun bathe, designer wearing, name dropping et al. #chewing gums. They said we want to get married oh. So, let’s just yan marriage tori. Currently, as at the time of this post Hephzibaby is SINGLE to stupor and is requesting for applicants. So plizk all interested applicants should purchase a “hephzibaby suitor’s form”. Just....


I strongly believe the city of Ibadan is ready for a make-over. So saturday the 22nd of July was the F.R.E.E conference IB. I almost felt like all the youths in the city turned up. This conference as at the time of publishing this, has been hosted in about 3 cities in Nigeria. can i... Continue Reading →

Am I a learner?

Today’s post starts with two, 2 pere oh, two questions; Question 1: Assuming you have a master’s degree can you date or marry someone with a primary school leaving certificate? Question 2: Would you date a dude you earn more than or a babe who earns Heres my answer

The pursuit of Happiness

So I had the golden opportunity to facilitate/teach in a Coaching/Mentorship Whatsapp group and I feel like sharing the teaching with y’all, this is the original script... I really hope you will be bless. Plus I enjoyed researching and writing this…. So guys here we go…..

Dr.3pleA; Star of the week

Hello!!! Welcome to HephzyBee Blog. It’s such a pleasure bringing this interview to you. If this is your first time here, you are super loved and I really do hope that you will be inspired, please be free to read up other post on the blog. And if you are one of our regulars, you... Continue Reading →

My Agbada Story

I really felt like sharing this experience with yall. You know especially in this season of owambes, you don’t have to go all out to buy aso-ebi if you cant afford it oh. Besides that you can’t afford it now does not mean you can’t afford it late. Honestly speaking, why go into debts, because you want to please someone? Who debts epp? NB: be rest assured I wont pick any aso-ebi for any of my events/ceremonies, I honestly feel its too much stress on your friends. My personal opinion tho, i don't have anything against those who do. If i have spare money, i buy, if i don't, it doesn't stop me from finding something nice in my wardrobe and attending, except you don't want me to... Nd really, say you call party and people attend, you better be grateful oh, hummmm, na honour them honour you oh.

Hephzy in Gberefu Island

So I was in Badagry over the weekend #dancing. All my Badagry people I hail oh! By the way I like all them Badagry names : Medeyonmi, Senami, Sesi, Wusu, Sewanu, Seweyon, Tadayon, Jesuyon amongst other. Also, shout out to all the wonderful people I met in Badagry like Debo, Kenny, Charles, Sewayon, Sammy, Chichi, and my amazing host and hostess Tosin and Ronke.

Get out of your way

waaalaaaa It’s a new month And it the seventh month meaning we are in the second half of the year 2017. How time flies right? Time does fly oh! Really, I mean, when did we just shout ‘Happy New Year’ ke? But that’s the way of life oh. In no time, it will be December 2017 oh? So, how has the year being for you? I(take a min to answer) Anyway, for me January to June, 2017 was being quite very eventful. A lot of experiences, good, bad, ugly, success, challenges but am grateful to still be standing. And most importantly have reached some of my goals for the year. Moral of all my gist, do an appraisal of the months spent and set new goals for the remaining 6 months. So I remember at the beginning of the year I met with one of my daddies and pastor, Rev Albert Femi Oduwole, and I recalling telling him how busy I was at that time; I had a lot on my plates and I didn’t really know how best to handle them. Then he said and I quote, “Hepzibah, you are never going to get less busy, you have to learn to juggle them all and know what is important in each season”. That just stayed with me. Honestly, its not easy juggling all, but gradually am getting better at it, you too should.

Unknown Dugbe

Then I saw the body move. Someone shouted “ikunle abiyamo oh” (I cant inteprete that one oh, but it does mean something like a pregnant woman’s labour pains). So I ran to the other side of the road. Another man, whom l later knew as Mr Jibola dragged the body off the main road and started CPR amidst the many screams and prayers that rented the air. The body was that of a 13 year old boy. He was unconscious. Someone else shouted ‘e lo mu omi wa’.

President; mood swing Club

Hi guys, Welcome to my blog. Thanks for cliiiiiicking. #kisses I want to hear from you so you can please drop a comment, I will definitely respond. Also, pllllleeeeaaase subscribe to my blog…… So today, lets gist abouuuuuuut folks with most unpredictable moods… Abeg sit don make we yarn. So I was on board for... Continue Reading →

Who am I

Who am I? Everyone ponders this question at some point in their life. Do we know who we are? Do our roots or the things we have seen, places we have been, form us? Are we caught up in the life we have lived or the things our dreams are made of? Is that where... Continue Reading →

Anger Rant

so am angry and am just going to tell y'all why i am I dont get it can someone please explain to me the rationale behind using your MOBILE PHONES to taking photoshoots and record videos during burial/ interment services. haba Charlie how can? its the burial of some young person (okun ofo ni ke).... Continue Reading →

Who moved my Cheese

Breaking news your cheese will ALWAYS be MOVED! Not necessary because the cheese-movers hate you, But because that's just life so what do you do when your cheese is moved? Just Move as well. Stop staying struck in the PAST. Move, look and Search for Better Cheese. Whoever says eating stale food is good is... Continue Reading →

Respket yourself

Dont envy anyone's journey, you dont know the potholes they have and are still going to drive thru. Respket yourself and stay in your own lane. Be inspired but don't be envious.  


If you are mature enough to cause a MESS then be MATURE enough to deal with the consequences. #Lawma #cleanyourmess #dont make others clean up after you. #beResponble. The moment i realised I was responsible for myself, the less mess i caused. Be Responsible....Life doesnt just happen... Be Deliberate. The choices you make turn the... Continue Reading →

God shut me in

This was written by my dear mentor and mama @Doyinsola Ogunbiyi . I trust it will bless you like it did me. Nd i must say please be free to follow her on Facebook. She is such a wisdom bank. Just about 2 hours with her and i had an explosive pyramid due time... Continue Reading →

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