Teen Depression

On the 10th of June I attended a "teen seminar' organized by The Teenage Ministry of the All Saints Baptist church, Jericho, Ibadan, 2017. I must applaud them for the initiative. It was well organized, well attended and impactful. The theme was "depression in teens". Honestly speaking when I first saw the theme, wasn't quite... Continue Reading →

i am unashamed

When I got the opportunity for this photoshoot I prayed. Am sure that's sounds overly spiritual right? But I Prayed! I asked God to direct me and give me postures that were prophetic especially with respect to my journey in 2017. God answered. I am not on competition with anyone. My scars are mine and... Continue Reading →

Starting Strong

It's no more new that's its a new year 2017. So let me formally welcome y'all to YEEAAARR 2017. I strongly believe its a goodly year. So many blessings are in the year. Tap into it oh!!! In the spirit of starting strong I had a photo session courtesy of PixHub. Pix Hub is a... Continue Reading →

The Palm Tree

From the Haven President *Characteristics of a Palm Tree* - 1.. It grows straight heavenward 2. It overtops all other trees 3. The Palm tree cast the least shadow... it does not interfere with the growth of its neighbors by hindering the rain or sunshine 4.. The Palm tree is softest at heart - 5.... Continue Reading →


I didnā€™t feel like pursuing a postgraduate program because my dad died 2 months prior to the admission exams. 16 of us were admitted out of about 200 that wrote the exams and we began lectures. Then I started my dissertation. I spent five months writing, submitting, correcting and re-submitting Chapter One. 2 weeks to... Continue Reading →

Beauty for ashes

#memoriesfromlastweekend So I was scheduled to attend a wedding last weekend (#bythewayikindalikeowambesespecially4#NigerianjollofricešŸ˜but for some unknown reasons I choose to attend mama @tinutemi 's program #Beauty4Ashes. Big ups to @thisatinuke for posting that she wud be in town (#by the way, apart from S.M it was my first time meeting her, nd she is adorable). So... Continue Reading →

Whose standards?

Someone sent me a message saying"...judging by the standards of people around me, I am not.....enough". That seriously got me thinking. By whose standards do you judge your life? Who has the measuring stick/gauge to your life? Would you rather follow man's judgement to God's? I honestly think it's time to set the standards for... Continue Reading →

Stand out confession

#standoutConfession "Dear God, I thank you for this stage and a time like this in my life. I thank you for creating me specially. For all the blessings you have bestowed on me, I am grateful. I declare that in my studies, I excel. I read, I assimilate, I recall. I understand what my teachers... Continue Reading →

Overcoming fear

So I was speaking to some teenagers on "overcoming their fears". During my research in preparation for the speech I googled (fears of teenagers) I was shocked at the statistics. A lot of teenagers have very strange and undisclosed fears such as fear of Examinations, fear of parents, teachers, failures, peer pressure, acceptance and many... Continue Reading →


Hi guys, guess you are good? I would be sharing some tips with you today. These are tips are courtesy Pastor Jerry like we are fondly call him. Adediran Jeremiah Adeoye is a coach, publisher cum publishing consultant and an author. Jeremiah Adediran is also the Director of Spring publishing School. I was greatly blessed... Continue Reading →

The need to learn a skill in the 21st century is essential. Several educational institutions encourage the learning of skill as well. Catering and event management is an excellent choice for those who want to learn a skill either male or female. A catering and event management institute that is well recognised even by the... Continue Reading →

Clash of Religions

Sincerely I didn't intend to write this. Its the only way I could keep myself busy. I was travelling (I need say I can travel for Africa oh! lolz) and the journey was for about 3 hours. Usually when am travelling I like to read, listen to music or sleep just something to occupy myself... Continue Reading →

Exclusive interview with Pst Goke Coker

My guest today is a big fish oh #idiomatically. Although am sure #in a whisper, he would not like this appellation. But anyway, #dancing shoki, its good to appreciate God's grace on people's lives. Less I forget, thanks for checking the blog today, (kindly check our other posts, they are specially prepared to bless you).*hugs#... Continue Reading →

God hears you

I tried to calculate and reason that God should and could have sorted these issues out. I thought he would do it in a particular way but no, he did not.

Toke Makinwa and Maje Ayida: Lessons

Hi guys, thanks for check up the blog today. I have being thinking of what to write on oh finally I figured lets talk about. Toke Makinwa (Pixcredit @instagram) Usually, am not given to 'gossip' nor celebrity gist but this one catches my attention. For some reasons 1. She is a mentor in the industry... Continue Reading →

Serious Business

Its fashion trend in recent times to see females wear clothes that exposes their cleavages leaving little to imagination, while males sag their trousers . Fashion in modern times has now become a show of madness and carelessness. I am aware that many people dress this way in a bid to look like their entertainment... Continue Reading →

Teen Dating Conversation

hi guys, am so sorry, should have published this long ago, but really so much work. doing this took alot of guts and "red eyes". but the good news is it an abridged version. its an except from Tekana Ikoko's writing on Teen relationship series. we published in The Hephzibah Initiative magazine tagged "TEENS 101",but... Continue Reading →


The Hephzibah Initiative is not relenting on her efforts to positively impact and Influence teenagers to living a life of admirable rectitude as she has successfully organised this year's edition of Stand out (Ibadan). This edition featured talks from Comrade Abdussobur Olayiwola Salaam current SSANU chairman Funaab Chapter who spoke on 'handling Distraction' (watch out... Continue Reading →


I hear the whispers, I hear them laugh. I can see the cruel jokes as I pass by, I pretend not to hear. I am who I am and this is who I shall forever be. I do not care what others think of me. Like me or not that is your choice. I have... Continue Reading →

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