Monday Motivation: Week 11

Have you built a system around your goals? Setting goals is cheap. Achieving them is not. Apart from the fact that your goals must be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic they must be Time Bound. So how do you achieve your goals within a specific Time frame? You can achieve your goals by having a "To... Continue Reading →

Monday Motivation- Week 3.

Happiness Oh how it seems to elude us despite how hard we try. Every thing seems not to work. The economy is down. The angry faces. The bills. The annoying bosses. The uncooperative staff, colleagues and clients.The unsupportive spouse Even the busy bodies, who always have something to say and even give unsolicited advise. Happiness... Continue Reading →

Do you unapologetically

Hi lovelies,welcome to another blog post, this will hopefully be a short post. I hope oh! What makes you you? As in what's you unique selling point? Everyone is special and unique. But I have realized that instead of standing out alot of us are always trying to conform, always trying to be like someone... Continue Reading →


If you are mature enough to cause a MESS then be MATURE enough to deal with the consequences. #Lawma #cleanyourmess #dont make others clean up after you. #beResponble. The moment i realised I was responsible for myself, the less mess i caused. Be Responsible....Life doesnt just happen... Be Deliberate. The choices you make turn the... Continue Reading →

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