Who moved my Cheese

Breaking news your cheese will ALWAYS be MOVED! Not necessary because the cheese-movers hate you, But because that's just life so what do you do when your cheese is moved? Just Move as well. Stop staying struck in the PAST. Move, look and Search for Better Cheese. Whoever says eating stale food is good is... Continue Reading →

Respket yourself

Dont envy anyone's journey, you dont know the potholes they have and are still going to drive thru. Respket yourself and stay in your own lane. Be inspired but don't be envious.  


If you are mature enough to cause a MESS then be MATURE enough to deal with the consequences. #Lawma #cleanyourmess #dont make others clean up after you. #beResponble. The moment i realised I was responsible for myself, the less mess i caused. Be Responsible....Life doesnt just happen... Be Deliberate. The choices you make turn the... Continue Reading →

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